Our Impact

Earthcycle’s management philosophy is rooted in a holistic view of the company and our connection to land, people, and natural resources. Sustainability is Earthcycle’s foundation, best exhibited through our graphic logo. The logo’s inner circle on a small scale represents a palm tree, and on a larger scale humanity, and is then connected to the outer circle, which is the world. As a company, we are aware that we are linked by our actions to a global ecosystem and must therefore emphasize regenerative systems design.

At Earthcycle, we believe in precise claims and also acknowledge that we have the opportunity to continuously improve our ways. Since inception, we have vigorously pursued and received certifications which demonstrate the environmental benefits of the product, including certification of the packaging’s Compostability, Recyclability, Renewability, and Sustainable Harvesting (based on RSPO practices). All of Earthcycle’s certifications are backed by independent, science-based standards and are tested by independent labs in accordance with established criteria.

Earthcycle has always taken great pride in the environmental impact it makes, no matter the size. We prohibit the use of any bleach in the pulping process, as well as the use of any chemicals or dyes; in fact, it is well known that most other pulping operations do not undertake such rigid restrictions. We have also designed a production process that uses a high level of co-generated energy from upstream sources (i.e. the palm oil mill), which generates steam to power the downstream (biomass) operations. In this way, we can save on energy. We also conserve water as much as possible by ensuring water consumption in operations is recycled throughout the manufacturing system.

We continuously strive to improve our processes and will express the results of our efforts here on these pages.