The Earthcycle Story

"In our perfect world, packaging would never be garbage. When it finished its job displaying the purchased products, the packaging would continue its useful life or cycle back to its original source, never losing value in the process. When making purchasing decisions in this wonderful world, people would think about the impacts those decisions have on the ecosystem that sustains them, and they would request and be given better alternatives."
- Shannon Boase, Founder & CEO, Earthcycle Packaging Ltd.

We started Earthcycle in 2005 with the desire to leverage the natural cycle of the earth to design durable, safe, and environmentally responsible packaging alternatives from renewable palm fiber that would contribute to

  • the reduction of North America’s mounting waste problem,
  • the reduction of environmental and health hazards brought on by plastics, as well as the reduction of the dependency on such petroleum products, and
  • the sustainable development of the palm oil industry and a better quality of life and working conditions for those affected by the incineration of palm waste.
While managing a technology commercialization fund for the Malaysian government from May 2002 to July 2004, our Founder and President, Shannon Boase, was first introduced to palm fiber and the possibility to use it for the design of home compostable packaging. Inspired by the opportunities of this renewable resource, formerly considered a waste product requiring incineration, Shannon was compelled to introduce this agricultural phenomenon to the North American market.

Since its launch, Earthcycle has become a trusted, award-winning leader in providing certified home compostable packaging across North America, displaying both conventional and organic fresh produce in Wal-Mart, Wegman’s, Trader Joe’s, Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods, Loblaw’s and Sobey’s retail locations among others.

Not only do our Earthcycle products contribute to the reduction of packaging waste in landfills, they also contribute to the reduction of palm waste and the associated side-effects. As such, we design durable, safe, and cost-competitive packaging to meet the needs of growers, food packers, retailers, food service establishments and consumers, while protecting the natural world that sustains us.

So just like visualized in our perfect world above, Earthcycle packaging, made from a natural and renewable resource, adds value throughout its useful life, never creates garbage along the way, and decomposes in the home compost within 90 days, returning to the earth as a healthy, nutritious contribution to the soil.