Message from Our Founder & CEO

Welcome to Earthcycle and thank you for visiting!

It can be easy to ignore the direct impact that our habits and decisions have on the environment, but we won’t be able to turn a blind eye forever. We cannot continue to simply throw things away in the hopes that they will just disappear. Unfortunately, there is no place called “away”. Every plastic carton in a landfill dramatically reduces the quality of the environment that we all depend on - every carton, every purchase decision, and every action, no matter how large or small, matters.

If we expect individuals and organizations to make responsible purchasing decisions, part of our job must be to not only provide them with alternatives, but to also give them access to the necessary information and tools to help them with the decision making process. As such, we aspire to be a catalyst and among the leaders in helping individuals and organizations make better purchasing decisions by playing a proactive role in creating awareness, educating, engaging, and fostering dialogue for change.

You can become part of the Earthcycle movement for packaging change by joining our dialogue at Earthcycle Blog, providing us with Feedback, implementing our Action Guide Tips, spreading the word, and making responsible purchase decisions. Feel free to also send me a personal note to

The Earthcycle team looks forward to hearing from you!

Shannon Boase

Founder & CEO, Earthcycle Packaging Ltd.

Vancouver, BC