Earthcycle Vision

Earthcycle will be a global leader in providing home compostable packaging solutions that continue their useful life or cycle back to their source, never creating garbage nor losing value in the process. We will push boundaries to provide smart, purpose-driven alternatives, to educate our stakeholders, and to lead authentically with each of our own purchasing and packaging decisions to help protect the natural world that sustains us.

Earthcycle Mission

Using a systems thinking approach, Earthcycle combines the latest technology with the cycle of nature in the design of durable, home compostable packaging made from ethically sourced, renewable palm fiber to meet the packaging needs of growers, food packers, food retailers, and consumers in a cost competitive, responsible way.

Earthcycle Values

Choice - Education - Authentic Leadership

At Earthcycle, we aspire to be a catalyst in influencing individuals and organizations to make responsible purchase decisions and to demand better solutions to affect positive change across the packaging industry and the communities we touch. We achieve this by a) continuing to provide smart, environmentally responsible, and cost competitive product alternatives, by b) disseminating precise and timely industry related information, news and resources, and c) by authentically leading the way.