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The following is a sample of the feedback we are receiving through our Feedback Form from retail customers who have tried Earthcycle. We would love to hear from you as well!

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"I would like to see ALL PACKAGING be compostable or reusable, no more 10,000 year plastic. Recycleable is ok for now but it still needs to be transported away and reconstituted which requires significant resources. Let's make standard size packaging and REUSE it. Thank you!"
-Retail customer, Oakland, CA

"Great! Packaging is very important to me – as in, the less packaging the better! Earthcycle packaging doesn’t make me feel guilty and it keeps produce products from getting smooshed!"
-Retail customer, Suffolk, VA

"I'm going to be looking for this type of packaging from now on, especially since I'm intending to start composting in the near future. Thank you so much for helping the earth, but most of all for helping PEOPLE. I'm always concerned about traditional plastic containment for foods - it's really not good for us. THANKS!!"
– Retail customer, Hagerstown, MD

"I bought the kiwi because it was organic. The compostable packaging is a bonus."
– Retail customer, Waterloo, IL

"Totally impressed! What really caught my eye was the print - backyard compostable. Now you have given me the ability to take care of my own imprint! Thank you! Thank you! Now I will be looking for your packaging and I will buy for that reason! I'm behind you as a concerned consumer 100%!"
– Retail customer, Mammoth Lakes, CA

"Cool... finally no Styrofoam!"
-Retail customer, Royal Oak, MI

"Thank you for caring about the earth! I will continue to buy the kiwi fruit and hope Walmart will carry more of your products. I only buy organic and I am an avid re-cycleer! The kiwi fruit are so much more delicious than non-organic! Thank you so much for your product!! Keep up the great work!"
-Retail customer, Yorktown, VA

"Loved it. Want to see more products packaged in this way."
-Retail Customer, San Anselmo, CA

"This was the first time I noticed your packaging and I love it. I want all my food and product packaging to be like this. Compostable! No evil dies, no bleaches! Wow! And it feels great – the smooth side is lovely, and the rough side is perfect."
-Retail customer, Medford, MA

"I didn’t know such a product existed, so I was glad to see steps were being taken. The packaging maintained its integrity and served its purpose well."
-Retail customer, Stockton, CA

"Which Toronto based grocers use your packaging? I think you have a great idea and would like to support it by purchasing from those grocers."
-Retail customer, Toronto, ON

"I stumbled upon your website in search for sustainable packaging alternatives. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you are doing and you have a very informative and interesting website. THANK YOU!"

"I would choose Earthcycle packaging over anything else, but I buy organic whenever possible so I would weigh those two against each other. I always recycle, so the organic would be foremost in my mind. What you’re doing is AWESOME and I completely support and applaud. Would buy whenever available. Thank you."
-Retail customer, Pasadena, CA

"It’s awesome. It’s about time someone came up with this. Keep it up. In other words… I was very excited."
-Tucson, AZ

"It looks very earthy. I was excited to see the compostable sticker. I hope to see a whole lot more of your packaging around… Great job!"
-Retail customer, Roseville, CA

"I am really glad you are out there. I hope you’ll get to spread throughout the world."
-Retail customer, Los Angeles, CA

"I had no idea that this kind of packaging was available. I was very impressed that I could compost the packaging instead of throwing it in the recycle bin. Is there a way to find out about other products and companies that use your packaging?"
-Retail customer, Lake Mary, FL

"Great look and happy that it is BACKYARD compostable, not commercial. I haven’t disposed of it. I am keeping the tray! I am a sustainability educator and consultant, and am always looking for products to refer to my clients."
-Retail customer, Los Angeles, CA

"Although I didn’t realize the packaging was compostable when I bought it, I was delighted to see the sticker that I can compost the packaging! I am an avid gardener and have had a compost pile for approximately two years! I am going to school to be a science teacher, and consider one of the most valuable lessons a student can be taught is how to lesson their footprint on the earth!"
-Retail customer, Temecula, CA

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